Eid Picnic 2006 Hello, my name is Anila, welcome to my food blog! I'm a mother of two beautiful girls and live with my family in Sunny Florida.

In this blog I plan to share recipes from my mother, my mother-in-law and various other sources, including my own concoctions.

Cooking is not something that comes naturally to me so I'll be using this blog to push myself to learn and discover more. I am really passionate about food and my family. Food to us is a celebration as it brings us together at the dinner table.

I was born in Pakistan but I grew up in Canada, then I moved to the States after I got married in the late 90s. I grew up eating my mom's cooking and learning from her. My mom was born in Agra, India, grew up in Karachi, Pakistan and now has lived most of her life in Canada. Once I got married and moved to the States, I learned more about cooking from my mother-in-law who was born in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, but also spent most of her life in the Middle East and the States.

Needless to say, in our household we cook and eat a variety of different foods. I do have a sweet tooth so you'll be seeing a lot of desserts blogged here, but my main focus will be on Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

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